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At our restaurant, we’re committed to bringing customers the most delicious and tasty dishes so that they can feel the flavor of the hometown and get over the homesickness. You can completely feel pleasant because we always use fresh food to prepare for your meals.

In addition, we also get a clean and standard cooking process so as to ensure the hygiene and food safety for customers.

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Special Food

Our Food

Your choice of grill meat with seasonal veggies and scallions. Served over white rice with house sauce.

Pronounced "uh" I Phở is a rice noodle traditionally served in a slow-cooked beef broth and aromatic spices. Made with specially cut beef or shredded chicken and paired with cilantro, scallions, and onions. Garnished with bean sprouts, fresh herbs, and lime.
Extra Broth - Extra Rice Noodles - Extra Meat/Tofu - Extra Garnish (Bean Sprouts, Thai Basil, Pepper, Lime)


Authentic rice noodle soup served in slow cooked chicken broth